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Apparently trenchcoats are not required to kill people. There was another school shooting today (20 May). NO trenchcoat on this boy. I wonder what they'll blame this one on. No one wants to point a finger at themselves. No one wants to recognize that it's this mindless, soulless society so shaped by self-centeredness that compassion is tossed by the way side that has produced these "monsters". They are not monsters; they are kids who were shunned by a sick elitist culture that demands conformity under the guise of individualism. Anyone could be these kids; anyone could be pushed to the breaking point. Hundred of "normal" people are pushed to the edge every day. Spurned lovers, jealous spouses, angry drivers on the freeway... the list goes on and on. Why is it so surprising that a society obsessed with violence, narcissism, conformity, and self-gratification could produce such a volatile concoction as today's youth? It isn't television and movie violence, it isn't video games, it isn't Marilyn Manson. These are not a disease, but the symptoms of one. The disease is called the dilapidation of Western Civilization. This society is tearing itself apart in a search for something real, but when reality shows is grotesque face, it shies away from it, tries to explain it away, to place blame on its own creations, its own symptoms. Never do they want to address the illness, for to attack the disease itself, involves blaming themselves. Its a sad world we live in, tragedies due occur, but when the tragedy is one created by man, one which could have been avoided had society not so warped and mangled the fragile soul of youth...this is the saddest of all tragedies. The culture is robbing children of their youth, of their innocence, their hope, and their very lives. Yes, mankind itself has become the most terrible of tragedies.

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