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Lord Dante
"Lord Dante of the Inferno"
Real Name: Brian Warner
Suspected Felonies: Posession and distribution of drugs, illegal firearms, and other contrabands; fraud; smuggling; conspiracy to commit assault, grand theft, and murder
Hobbies/Interests:He is a mild expert in Fantasy and Occult literature. He has a facination with the supernatural, especially vampires. He is interested in Tolkien lore and can speak the Sindarin dialect of the elven tongue.
Clothing/Personal style: A combination of Spooky Kid/80s Goth. Think Azrael Abyss from "Goth Talk".
Favourite song: Punk Rock Girl
Personal Info: Brian "Dante" Warner comes from a wealthy background. Both of his parents are executives in multinational corporations. Due to the vast amount of time they spend traveling, Brian is left unsupervised a vast majority of the time. This lack of supervision mingled with his insatiable greed and ambition has lead him into a life of crime. His fast talking abilities and knowledge of the streets has earned him a fair amount of respect in the underworld despite his youth and size. A broker in extralegal good and information. If there is something to be known in Night City, Dante knows it.
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