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Real Name: Unknown
Suspected Felonies: I don't have that much web space.
Interests/Hobbies: Killing, torture, you know, purely id stuff.
Favourite Song: Kill All the White People
Personal Info: So little is known about DOA it isn't even funny. What we do know is that he has some intense connection with the US Marines, he can take a 7d6 slug to the head with only a 20 SP helmet and walk it off. He also has mastered the art of counting to ten; after that we're not so sure. He stands about 6'6, weighs a little better than 300 lbs, has shoulder length blonde hair, and green eyes. He is also the buffest son of a gun this side of Tucson. D is a formidable foe with a gun in his hand, or a toothpick for that matter, but a smart player might try putting him in a mortal combat spelling bee.
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