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"Emiel Laertes"
Real Name: Emiel Laertes
Suspected Felonies: Murder, kidnapping, industrial espionage, theft, assault and battery, vandalism
Hobbies/Interests: Watching "Sick Sad World", drinking, women, sword fighting, martial arts
Clothing/Personal Style: Black....lots of black, black leather pants, black sweaters, black Deth-Tek combat boots,black armoured trench coat. On fancy occasions: black suit.
Favourite Song: Paranoid by Black Sabbath
Personal Info: This 25 year old half-elf is a morose individual. He stand about 6' 6", weighs about 165 pounds, and has black silky hair down to his waist. He has seen his share of death, whether it be on the side lines or pulling the trigger. He watched his mom slowly die because they could not afford to go to a hospital. When he was older he saw his first true love get murdered as a result of something he did. These tragedies have triggered an emotional shut down in Emiel, leaving him with a rather low Empathy and poor people skills. He has a deep respect for women and will not kill or fight a woman unless absolutely neccessary (sometime not even then). Lightening quick reflexes, an arsenal greater than some small countries, and a killer's instinct make Emiel Laertes a formidable enemy.
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