CHEESE ALERT!!! My poetry sucks. Be warned.

freshly fallen snow
My one and only published piece of work

mothers, fathers, children's dreams
faces that were once aglow
countless bodies, arms, and legs
lie beneath the fallen snow
as babies' bodies lie here broken
i think of all the things unspoken
all the things they'll never know
like war and freshly fallen snow


the sun is setting on a day
filled fun in every way
playful times are at an end
soon a new way time you'll spend
gone are hours of timeless bliss
fate has sealed it with a kiss

the sun is dawning on a day
filled with sadness and dismay
hours spent as mindless drones
with our faxes and our phones
we think about the other day
when joy unteathered lead the way

the sun is setting once again
soon our sorrow and our pain
shall melt into the reddened sky
this time must come we know not why
we lie down for our final sleep
breathing slow and dreaming deep


foolish bravery
is courage just a mask to hide one's fear?
gut wrenching fear
gnawing fear
what kind of fear is yours?
does it eat away at the darkest recesses of your soul
slowly making its way to the surface?
does it stab you like a thousand knives sinking into your stomach?
what kind of fear is yours?
is yours a fear of the boogey man lurking in your closet
   just waiting for you to fall asleep?
is yours a fear of the man from whose loins you sprung 
   as he enters your room each night in a twisted ritual?
is your fear that this emptiness will never be filled?
that this longing will never end?
or is it a fear of losing that which is closest to you?
that which is most dear
the only thing that lets you know your alive
the only thing that's real
what kind of fear is yours?


Gentle rain falling on my face
I stand in the downpour
    Trying to wash away the stains of despair
I stare up into the falling rain
    As gentle laughter escapes my lips
The rain falls, soaking me to the bone
As it fills me, it leaves no room for
    The heartache I carried inside me for so long
I am finally free


Bestow unto me
    The strength to see this through
Return unto me
    The love I gave to you
Restore to life
    The heart that you destroyed
Cure me of
    The pain I can't avoid

103 super cheese...

Love is a whispering breeze
Billowing clouds of love
Raindrops of pain
Lightening bolts of anger
When the rain stops
All is once renewed
Birds sing
The sun shines
All the world smiles again
Except the worms who wither and die in the coming sun

The Dreaming

I took a walk through a land of dreams
Faces, images, voices, sounds
All the dreams of mankind
Melded there into one
Fear, love, rejection, power
All the fantasies we entertain
Danced before me
The sky was a swirling orb
Of seeming chaos masking a peculiar order
I walked along the shore
Where the lapping tide ranged
From the sound of children's laughter
To some strange demon's roar
The denizens of this strange land
Lived side by side
Yet independent of each other
The dreams were thousands
But one
Yet thousands still
Innumerable as the stars
I therefore came to see
All dreams are one
Though each mind's eyes
Views it through the filter
Of its own heart 

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