The Warriors

Brave, strong, ready
The warriors march on to battle
Swords are drawn
Cruel axes shine in the light of the sun

Brave, strong, ready
The warriors march on to battle
The shouts ring loud
"Victory is ours!"
The warriors march on to battle

Brave, strong, ready
The warriors have found their battle
Arms clash, blood flows, Chaos reigns
Time stands still
The warriors have found their battle

Brave, strong, savage
The warriors fight thier battle
Brothers kill, brothers fall, brothers die
The tide has turned
The warriors fight thier battle

Brave, strong, dead
The warriors have lost their battle
Their bodies are broken, their blood soaks the earth
And no one knows what is to be 
When the warriors march on to battle

Weary Soldier

Happiness came to me once   
    And it was like a dream
Not a dream come true
    But like those that live inside my head
The ground was soft beneath my feet
    And the sun shined with the light of my eyes
But now the dream is over;
    The young man with old eyes has awakened
And now I sit in my soft room with the white walls
     Waiting...  waiting...  waiting....

I beat the sky with my fists 
     Until it falls down around my ears
Demanding that I be given back
     What once was mine
I scream into the vast expanse of the heavens
      In longing for its return
It doesn't come
      It never does
But the day is nearly over
      And night is coming soon
The dreamer cannot dream
      Just sits and waits for night to come

A man came with a package today
      But it wasn't for me.

This Is The Day The Lord Has Made

This day a new war begins
This day a new destruction is designed
This day a new hatred burns in young eyes
       This is the day the Lord has made

This day a child is born to Death
This day a woman's security is stolen
This day another life is wasted
        I will rejoice

This day a family is broken
This day health falters
This day brings another end
        I will be glad in it

        Blessed be the name of the Lord

With your Shield...

It is a gorgeous day.  The best we've had in years.  I never knew the sky got
that blue.  I swear, I could just sit here all day and watch the clouds roll
by, watch the birds fly in.  Can't stop now, though.  Got to keep going.
Today was to be victory day; no more invasions, no more fighting.  Damn my leg
hurts.  Only twenty more miles and I'm home.  I wish my brother was here; he'd
make me laugh.  The birds sure are flocking.  Barely see the ground; just a
big black blanket.  I'm tired.  Keep going, one step at a time.  This crutch
is no good.  Stupid trees.  Stupid birds.  Stupid war.  I just want to go
home.  I miss my mom.  Damn my leg hurts.  How high is this hill anyway?
Twenty more miles.  That's not so far.  Of course, I didn't need this stupid
stick when I made the trip out here.  Man, my shirt is red.  Was it always
this red?  Doesn't matter, one step at a time.  I'm tired.  Am I the only
person on this road?  There were so many of us coming down here.  But then,
they came at us like a summer storm.  No more storms today, though.  Today is
beautiful.  Just me, the sky, and the birds.  Hello Mr. Bird.  You want to fly
me home?  No?  Guess it's up to me then.  I'm so tired.  Maybe if I just sat
down for a little while.  Much better.  Damn my leg hurts.  Bone sure does
look funny.  I need to keep going.  Maybe after I watch the clouds roll in.  I
sure do like clouds.  I never knew the sky could be

Her Song

In the darkness I hear her sing
A tune with soft and simple ring
To calm and soothe so thoroughly
And bring peace to the beast in me

It entices dearly to surrender
To forget and ne'er remember
My mind bestrewn with fetid mires
Stony walls and twisting spires

She sings of sleep and peaceful dreams
A midnight world of blacks and creams
Where Man is true and at his best
And haunted souls at last find rest

I hear the soft sweet song of love
That divine anthem from above
Which makes my trials my fears, my pain
Seem like tears in a summer rain

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