Sonnet 1

His eyes, near yet far away from me
With eyes deep and shining hold my soul here
As if time stopped, never to be
In his arms, there is nothing to fear.
With mischievous smile, able to beguile,
Many ladies, I had hoped not I
Yet touched me over countless mile
Captured, I heave a heavy sigh
Entangled in the web of his spell
Cast on without a care as to my fate
I wonder whether at Heaven or Hell
Yearning to become his desired mate
Though it cost my wild spirit and will,
Peace departed, I must hope still.

Sonnet 2

He has gone, leaving life frought with care,
Helpless agony I watched as he tore
What was left of my heart laid bare
My trust bleeding like an open sore.
The wariness towards my friend falls cold
Missing the bond happiness once brought
If only pain could relinquish it's hold,
And defeat the sorrow I have fought.
Questions maddening my mind now
As to the reasoning behind his face
A masquerade ended, his final bow,
Memories my lot my pain needing grace.
Thrown away in scorn, feeling I shall die
There is no solace, except when I cry.


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