It was a seed that started a long time ago. The factions of style grew and blossomed. Over time, they became more and more seperated, more and more diverse. An inevitable progression.

And everyone hated everyone else. The goths hated the ravers hated the skaters hated the punks hated the rappers hated the jocks hated the nerds...the list grows tedious. The hippies didn't hate anyone but they had been killed off long ago.

And they all hated each other so much they couldn't stand to be in the same room. Enter space travel...they all hated each other so much they couldn't even stand to be on the same planet. Allow for a few hundred years...they all hated each other so much they couldn't even stand to bein the same solar system. Enter the faster-than-light drive...they all hated each other so much they couldn't stand to be in the same galaxy, nor the same cluster of galaxies, nor the same super-cluster of clusters...

It was imperative you see. They had to be as far away from each other as possible--each group making love to its particular corner of the universe. For a long time it was this way.

But then something happened. One group, it seems, got really pissed off with another group, had had it up to here. They couldn't get far enough from them--that one group they hated. They really couldn't. And so they pushed through the Edge, poked their heads through the Boundary. It was no secret what would happen. It was obvious. Simple quantum physics. But they couldn't stand that one group you see.

The gesture was a profound and utterly audacious, one. The last laugh. The space age equivalent of the middle finger.

And for a second and a half, for that group, everything was glorious--white light and new age music with lots of sustain can't even begin to approximate it.

And then the universe collapsed on itself.

They had tripped the reformative system of the universe. The universe returned to singularity, a state of infinitely, infinitely dense Oneness:

the Beginning.


I Had a Dream Last Night

I had a dream last night that I could pop large breasts with darts. So that's what I did. Everytime I saw large breasts I threw darts at them, so that they went flat. Also in my dream I could pump breasts up with a little hand pump.

So thats what I did. I pumped and popped all breasts till they were the same size.

But you know what? It was a disaster, because after I had done that, after I had popped and pumped all breasts to the same size, I couldn't tell women apart.

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