walk in calculated circles
chasing a tail that hasn't grown in.
maybe there's one more just like you
around the corner
holding the other end of
a common thread,
scratching faces in this hall of mirrors,
teaching reflections
to play dead.

Why does darkness
scare moths
so to send them reeling
to windows and sick light
desperately escaping the night?

Heroin House(to Martin with Love)

what is it now?
what drives us blind,
        or mad,
what drives us normal,
in one visit I saw the way things are,
        or pretend to be.

puppets and fleas
make for weak theater. . .

one shining altar
tucked away just in case
better pray for yourself,
better choose where to put your faith.

puppets and fleas
make for weak theater

sink your stinger in again,
drink your sweet red self dry
call me when you have a voice,
        a soul,
            a face,
tell me when the mask comes off
but don't ask for my applause.


I'm nearing the corners nowadays
Flying with the ceiling fans in a daze
Staring at these outlets
(their eyes and mouths in eternal shock)
While shadows float upon the wall,
Through my hair and down the hall,
In my chair an empty seat,
Now I'm in my body
        and on my feet.

IN sOmNia

I am flourescent light in early darkness

I am waiting with empty eyes
To fill my cup again with blue morning
    for my electric veins.

Vampires and beasts
Flitter toward the moon like moths,
And at this hour
I giggle about silly silly demons
Doing tricks for one another.

With something like a shovel
I keep the thoughts from sinking under,
With something like a bucket
I keep the sleep from sinking my boat.

I am flourescent light in early darkness

Spying on the spies,
Playing with chaos in circles,
A super-ball storm,
In a blizzard of neons and
    tambourine-crashes of thunder
And the rain falls with a springy boing.

I've squeezed my dreams like lemons and oranges
For my morning,
And in a sip I see myself small
And proudly wearing happy faces,
Leaving chalk upon the wall
Begging before beggars
With all my pride,
I'll show them how it's done
I'll show them how bright I can be

Like flourescent light
In early darkness.

All works © 1999 Spazzzmonster.

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