Tank Girl is a comic created by British creative geniuses Alan Martin and Jamie Hewlett. Originally published in Deadline magazine, the comic is now published by Dark Horse comics. The comic follows the adventures of a former Australian Army tank pilot turned federal fugitive. She is a rebellious soldier who rarely follows orders and usually screws up the mission when she does. Her superior officer, Sargeant Small Unit, asssigns her to patrol the Outback in order to keep her out of trouble. Partly out of desperation and partly to give her one last chance, Unit gives her a mission to deliver colostomy bags to Australlia's aging president. She failed in her mission which resulted in embarassment for the president and the entire country. Luckily for her she was able to escape with her tank and now roams the Australian wilderness.

Many of you may be familiar with the United Artists movie based off this comic. Unfortunately the movie was a mediocre rendition of the comics, dispite a good performance by the lovely Lori Petty in the title role and Malcom McDowell as the villian. The problem lies in the miserable script and a lousy plot line. The movie, although a valiant effort, falls far short of the comic it is based on.

Just as unfortunate are the comics that sprung from the movie. Written by a completly different group of people, the comics are a far cry from the hilarious works of comic art created by Hewlett and Martin. Dispite where the comic went, the orginals remain unblemished. Here are some samples of art from the original Tank Girl series.

Tank Girl Picture Dump

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Tank Girl © 1988, Jamie Hewlett and Alan Martin all rights reserved

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